The bright future of printing has begun already.


The automotive industry and mechanical engineering are indispensable at our location. Therefore, we found ways to serve these branches usefully with technical screen printing and thus making a valuable contribution to further development. Besides we are also represented in automation, control and food technology.


For the automotive industry, important in several ways: screen-printing solutions.

The automotive sector is one of the most important local branches of the economy; automobiles have been one of the export hits in Germany for decades. Screen-printed components are important for this industry in two respects - on the one hand in the control systems of production and on the other hand in the vehicles themselves. With the increasing possibilities of printed electronics, more and more electronic systems in automobiles are produced using screen-printing. Whether headlight heating, pressure sensors in the seats or multimedia touch systems, technical screen printing is now an integral part of the automotive industry.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering - screen printing has long been a core element of what is probably the most important branch of the economy

It is not without reason that this industry is often referred to as the backbone of the German economy: more than 1 million employees, increasing numbers of orders, resistance to crises and exports all over the world. We are pleased to be able to contribute our part to this success story with innovative products and solutions from screen-printing.

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Automation Technology

Automation technology - what runs by itself needs control. We deliver the solutions.

Machines have permanently changed people's everyday lives and, above all, the production of goods and the productivity of systems. Monitoring and rapid intervention are necessary to ensure that the work of robots and production lines runs smoothly and effectively. We ensure transparency and control with our membrane keyboards, IPC fronts, touch systems, and much more. In addition to the classic input systems, monitoring systems made of printed electronics for various applications play an increasingly important role in the industry. Whether safety foils, bursting discs or a wide variety of sensors made of printed functional inks, printed electronics offer a wide range of possibilities and are only at the beginning of their industrial potential.

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Control Technology

Control technology - Optimum operating elements are essential to ensure that control is never lost.

Industrial controls must be robust, easy to understand and perfectly adapted to their location. They must also be easy to use to meet the high expectations and requirements. Here, Freudenberg ensures efficiency and safety with screen printing solutions such as decorative foils, front panels or IPC fronts.

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Food Technology

Food technology - Only advanced solutions ensure safe enjoyment.

In this area, particularly trouble-free communication between people and machines is important. Because possible control errors directly impact thousands of people's health and well-being, safety is guaranteed, and the systems can work efficiently and trouble-free; high-quality and sensibly designed operating elements and safety systems made of screen-printed components are essential.

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