Create vitality where there was none before.


Due to our modern machinery, we can take full care of you. We offer services from the design and construction of your print products to the final assembly, all from a single source. In addition to printing, our diverse selection of advanced post press systems offers a variety of customizations and processing options on the way to your final product.
Our services for you are as diverse as technical screen printing itself!


Construction – we develop your control systems and components until the production stage.

Whether the client wants to have standard individual parts or a complete product manufactured, it doesn't matter, we help find the optimal solution. We are happy to get our customers' drawings, ideas or samples and prepare them for production. Also, we offer our expertise choosing the right material, design and a reliable and safe conception of the elements. In addition to pure printing solutions, we also design, manufacture and customize housings or device fronts using the screen-print or inkjet process.

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Tradition meets modernity - high-tech solutions represent the screen-printing of the future.

Fully automatic cylinder printing machines, three-quarter and semi-automatic flatbed machines, exposure using computer-to-screen, UV- and high-performance drying tunnels - are just a few of our technical specifications. We can produce large volumes at a low cost and realize complex small series. Whether foil, paper, textiles, glass or uneven device fronts, our diverse and modern machine park enables the production of screen-printed products on various materials. In addition to producing large-format screen prints, we also produce large runs with fine conductor tracks up to 100μm or screens up to 40 L/cm, especially in technical printing. Here, our modern pre-press using computer-to-screen ensures maximum precision already in the pre-press. In addition to experienced and committed employees, integrated high-performance dryers ensure effective work processes, which enable immediate further processing of the print. For printed electronics applications, we have additional high-temperature ovens and high-performance drying tunnels. Antistatic and cleaning systems guarantee the perfect quality of our prints, ensuring that even the smallest impurities and dirt particles are removed before printing.

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Embossing - only a good embossing creates the right impression.

Especially membrane keyboards in the industry must be able to be operated quickly and intuitively in everyday life. The use of snap disks and embossing is essential for this in order to give the user reliable feedback. Freudenberg offers edge embossing, simple button embossing or pillow embossing. Since the embossing must have certain distances, radii and heights, they should be considered when planning a technical component. We would be happy to share our know-how and work out your industrial solution together step by step.

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Stamping - only precision and accuracy achieve exact results in mechanical processing.

The decorative film can also be punched for optimized user-friendliness and the individual requirements of your industrial solution. This mechanical process is monitored with absolute precision by our experienced employees. The embossing press is precisely adjusted for particular applications. This way, we can always guarantee high-quality processed products with efficient and fast processing.

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Assembly - Well equipped, industrial screen-printing solutions are even more efficient.

In addition to printing, Freudenberg offers a wide range of further processing possibilities for your products. This also includes the assembly of printed circuits. Besides the assembly of LED's for membrane or glass keyboards we are also able to integrate a wide variety of components on your circuits. Depending on the substrate and the used functional inks, we use soldering pastes and conductive adhesives. Various encapsulation materials are available to protect the components.

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Lasering - our guide beam for the perfect implementation of your specifications.

Lasers are well known for their high precision. This extreme fineness and accuracy makes the concentrated light a proven processing step in the further processing of foils. We recommend our customers to use this process, especially for extremely filigree industrial solutions and very small radii. Even the smallest deviations in the print can still be compensated by the laser. In addition, the laser offers many possibilities, especially when it comes to customizing products - for example, housings and front panels can be "written" and cable tags can be "scratched". Together we will certainly find a laser-precise implementation for your idea.

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Final Assembly

Final assembly - We form a complex and coherent whole from reliable individual parts

We are also happy to support customers who want high-quality components and an optimally coordinated overall product in terms of final assembly. In addition to the assembly of plug connections, housings, displays or touch screens, the Freudenberg service also includes cable assembly, soldering and insulation work and the construction of membrane keyboards. All necessary work steps are carried out in compliance with strict quality standards so that the final product always meets your and our high expectations. For example, touch solutions and displays are only installed at special workstations. In addition, each component is fully functionally tested before delivery to our customers.

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Refining makes print products classy and brings them to life.

"Screen printing creates meaning" - the meaning of our claim is particularly evident in the finishing. This is where products experience a whole new sensual quality. A previously smooth and inconspicuous object suddenly feels interesting; it glitters, changes colour or smells pleasant. Freudenberg offers various processes to bring products and advertising materials to life.

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Here we find solutions with passion and work out new ideas - just as you wish.